lördag 24 mars 2012

Saturday evening & Victory rolls

 Dress: Mum made it for me
Jacket: Vintage, Old Touch
Shoes: New, bought them today (will give blog about them later)
Gloves: Vintage
Hairflowers: H&M
Fur Stole: Ebay

Såhär ser jag ut för kvällen! Jag väntar finbesök av min kära vän Sanna, vi ska äta middag (läs: as god fiskgryta jag lagat) och dricka öl. Senare rör vi oss nog in mot stan. Kommer bli en kanon kväll, det känner jag på mig! :)

So this is my outfit for the evening. Kinda like it. I've been walking around looking like shit all week, so it feels nice to finally dress up a bit. I hate walking around looking like shit but some days I'm just too lazy to even care. It's sad. I love to wear lovely clothes and nice hair. Shame on me!! Anyway.
Right now I'm waiting for my lovely friend Sanna to come over for dinner, I mad a delicious fish stew, I hope she'll like it. We are going to eat it (of course, ehehe) drink some beer and then head to town to some nice pub. Hope you guys have a lovely Saturday evening, I'm sure I will!

Lots of Love
Josefine xx

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