måndag 12 mars 2012

Strawberry kisses and liquorice shots

I opened my eyes. The sun shined so bright trough the window. My brain felt humongous after all the shots I drank last night, and my breath tasted like liquorice. All of a sudden I saw a leg across my own legs. “What the hell?” I thought to myself. But as soon as I looked over at the other side of the bed I started to remember the night before. It was the girl with the orange curls. With green eyes and smooth skin. With breath that tasted like strawberries. She was there, with me. Having her leg across mine. Laying in my bed half naked with her boobs right in the sun. She was beautiful. Even though her eye makeup was messy and her eyelashes were all crooked.

I could remember us stumbling home at 4am, drinking strongbow that we bought on our way home. She was dancing in the moonlight, laughing. Her orange curls flew everywhere. I laid down on the grass watching her. She danced, sang for me and I felt like the happiest person on earth. Then she sat upon me and kissed me slowly. I could feel the strawberry taste, from the shots she’d been drinking. I wanted to kiss her until her mouth turned in to butterflies and flew away over the nightblue sky up to the stars. And I did so, even if I couldn’t see any butterflies. It didn’t matter. She was my butterfly, and I loved her so.

 Ibland får jag en väldig lust att skriva. Som nu. Jag skrev denna text på bara några minuter och blev ganska nöjd. Funderar på att skriva en roman eller liknande. Av texten alltså, men jag vet inte. Jag älskar att skriva på engelska förövrigt, hoppas inte min engelska suger bara!

Sometimes I just want to write poems and such things. So I wrote this lyrics today, it took me just a few minutes and I quite like it. I'm thinking about writing a book, and have this text in it. We'll see. I hope my english doesn't suck!
You like it? 

Lots of Love

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