torsdag 12 april 2012

a little collection of hats

So I thought I'd share with you guys my LITTLE, and not so exiting hat collection. Hat mad, as I am I think I have faaar to few hats. But oh well, I'm still collecting so. No hurry. Tell me what you think :)
I just realised I've only got 30's hats, ecxept one! Now I'm looking for a cute 40's hat (or a few).. Wish me luck!

 1930's hat with cute feathers - Old Touch
 1930's straw hat with a cute bow - Old Touch
 1930's hat with some flowers and berries (?) (this is one of my favourites hat) - Ebay
 and the one I've used the most. love it
30's hat with feathers - Old Touch
 20's flapper hat - Annies (vintage stor in camden passage, London) this is my favourite too, it's so cute!
 1930's with another bow - Etsy. I like bows, you can tell huh?
1930's straw hat - Ebay. Again with feathers and cute lace detail.

One of my favourite vintage stores all time (as you alreday know) is Old Touch. You can find so many cute hats there for bargain prices! I havn't been there since a month ago or something. Need to go there someday. Or maybe my wallet will appreciate if I don't go there... hehe

Lots of Love
Josefine xxx

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