lördag 28 april 2012

Striped Blouses and 30's hair

Josefine wears:
Red and white striped blouse: Charity shop
Skirt: Primark
30's Hat: Old Touch

Lina wears:
Striped blouse: Charity shop
Skirt: Charity shop

So, we got a few compliments on our outfits yesterday. And most of them was "Oh, what lovely 1930's outfits you've got", and so on. So glad to hear that from total strangers. The worst thing is when you hear "Oh, you look like a filmstar from the 60's" or something like that. It's like, "60's? oh come on!"
Haha. Anyway. We had a lovely night yesterday. A lot of punk music so we didn't really fit in. Haha, but who cares. We don't. Hope you guys had a lovely friday night!

Lots of Love
Lina and Josefine

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