söndag 27 maj 2012

1960's London (a photo project)

So, I've had an idea for a little photo project since.... forever. At least two years. As you know, I'm not really a fan of the 60's. But for some reason I wanted to shoot two of my beautiful friends styled in 60's hair and makeup. And so I did. I just bought a new camera lense, so I needed to try it! Last friday we had a little photoshoot on a field near were I live. I'm the worst makeup artist ever so the makeup was quite messed up, but I'm so so pleased with the photos anyway! Thank you god for having such beautiful friends!! And that they were up for it, I'm so thankful. The pictures looks EXACTLY like I wanted them to, and I got the exact feeling that I wanted out of them. A LOT more photos on my photo blog: http://josefinespieces.blogspot.se/ and feel free to like my little photo&fairytale page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JosefinesPiecesPhotographyAndFairytales I need support from you lovelies! 

Lots of Love
Josefine xxx

torsdag 24 maj 2012

Summer's here!

I'm wearing:
1930's pyjama jacket - Ebay
Skirt - Charity shop
Shoes: Charity shop
Bag: Charity shop

Hello lovelies! Empty here as usual. I havn't had anything to write about pretty much. I was suppose to go to London last weekend, but I couldn't due to bad circumstances :( Well well, another day, another time :)
It's summer here now. Really really hot! So this was my outfit for today. I headed out to meet mum and go shopping! Now I'm back home again waiting for my work to start. Hope you all are fine!! Can't you tell me about what your plans are for the summer? would be so nice :)

Lots of Love

söndag 20 maj 2012

Woman in black

Igår var jag och några vänner på bio och såg The woman in black. Herre min skapare! Riktigt bra film måste jag säga. Jag älskar ju skräck och thrillers. Helst äldre, men denna var bra för att vara ny! Jätte bra story.
Miljöerna var jätte fina också. Och finast var Arthur's (Daniel Radcliffe's) fru. Jätte fin Edwardiansk vit klänning med spets hade hon på sig, dog en smula. Lite jealous blev man. Haha.

Yesterday a couple of friends and I went to see The woman in black. I'm a fan of horror and thriller movies (especially old ones). But this one was really good, even though it's new. A great story and the environments were so nice! I fell in love. I fell in love especially with Stella, Arthur's (Daniel Radcliffe's) wife. She was so pretty! And she wore the most prettiest edwardian dress with lace. So jealous of it! Want it so bad. Gotta find a similar one!

Lots of Love

tisdag 15 maj 2012

Dita Von Teese

Someone in modern time that really inspires me is Dita Von Teese. She always have. Thanks to Dita I got interested in vintage. I think she seems adorable and she is so so so hot. I love her show in the first video! Love everything she's wearing.

Lots of Love xxx

tisdag 8 maj 2012

Back on track

I'm wearing:
On the first pictures
Green Jacket - Old Touch
Gloves: Charity shop

Last picture:
My 1930's pyjama jacket - Ebay
Skirt: Charity shop
30's Hat: Old touch
Bag: Charity Shop
Gloves: Charity shop

Här var det tomt! Mitt internet har varit nere hela helgen, så ingen bloggning inte. Jag och min kära vän Ammelie fotograferade lite i Fredags, här är lite av resultatet :) 

Nu är det mindre än två veckor kvar tills jag åker till London! Jag är helt exalterad, det kommer bli så himla kul!

So, it's very empty here! My internet has been down whole weekend so I couldn't post anything at all. But now it's back! My friend Ammelie and I had a little photoshoot last Friday, here's some of the resaults :)

It's less than two weeks til my little trip to London. I'm so exited! It's going to be so fun! 

Lots of Love
Josefine xxx