lördag 30 juni 2012

Vintage tattoos

Found an internet page full of pictures of vintage tattoos. I think I'm in love. And I've got even more cravings now to get me some new tattoos. My favourite pictures are picture nr 3, 14, 16 and 17. Wich ones are your favourites?

Lots of Love
Josefine xxx

torsdag 28 juni 2012

New haircut

Hi lovelies! empty here as usual. I'm consdiering to get back to my old blog as I'm the only one writing on this (hint to Lina.. hehe).. we'll see. Anyway. Yesterday I went to the hairdresser and told her I wanted to get bangs so she fixed that for me. What do you think? I've had bangs like this before. I got inspired by Wanda in Cry baby, this time too. I love her haircut. Even though it's really 50's, and I'm not into the 50's that much. I thought, as long as I like it... what the fuck. I'm so pleased.
What do you guys think?

Lots of love
Josefine xxx

fredag 22 juni 2012


So today we celebrate midsummer here in Sweden! We decorate our hair with flowers, eat herring and drink snaps, or "nubbe" as we call it. And it's actually really nice weather out today, it's usually rubbish weather on midsummer. But, not today as it seems. Hope you all have a lovely friday and for all you sweeds: GLAD MIDSOMMAR!

Lots of Love 
Josefine xx

söndag 17 juni 2012

Saturday night outfit

Vintage Pyjama jacket - Old Touch
Edwardian skirt - Old Touch
Nightgown (which you cannot see) - Old Touch
Bag - Charity Shop
Shoes - Office

Yesterday me and my friend Ammelie went to the pub for some beers. This was our evening look! Ammelie helped me to do a Betty Grable updo, i love this hairstyle. Want it everyday! I also did her hair, two front victoryrolls. She was really pleased with it as well. Lovely evening out which ended with skinny dipping at 4 am (well, not really skinny.. but anyway).. 7 am we were finally home and slept like two kids!!
Hope you all had a lovely saturday!

Lots of Love
Josefine xx

tisdag 12 juni 2012

New treasures!

 Today I visited my favourite vintage shop 'Old Touch', and as usual I brought something. It is really impossible to walk in to Old Touch without bying a thing!
 I've always wanted a cute vintage nightgown, and fell in love with this one. I want an even more "fancy" one also. There are so many on ebay!

Even though I bought my 30's pyjama jacket a couple of months ago on ebay, I couldn't resist this cutie. As you can tell, I love baby blue. And blue in general.
 Look at the cute lace details!
 Love it.
 I think this is my favourite item for today, a long edwardian skirt!
 Exactly what I've been looking for! This was also the most expencive item, but it's no suprise as it's the oldest item too.
 Cute baby blue/grayish 40's (?) shoes. Love theese too!
And a cute little purse :)

What do you think? I'm so pleased and happy with my new things! Feels like I have a whole new wardrobe, almost. And I love it (of course)

Lots of Love
Josefine xx

tisdag 5 juni 2012

Screwed, Stewed & Tattooed

So, this saturday I got two new tattoos. I've been thinking of the first one since forever, so finally I say! It's gonna look even more fab when the colouring is done too of course :)
The last one is just so silly so I had to do it! haha. What do you think? I will never tattoo my finger again that's for sure!! aooch.

Lots of Love
Josefine xxx