söndag 17 juni 2012

Saturday night outfit

Vintage Pyjama jacket - Old Touch
Edwardian skirt - Old Touch
Nightgown (which you cannot see) - Old Touch
Bag - Charity Shop
Shoes - Office

Yesterday me and my friend Ammelie went to the pub for some beers. This was our evening look! Ammelie helped me to do a Betty Grable updo, i love this hairstyle. Want it everyday! I also did her hair, two front victoryrolls. She was really pleased with it as well. Lovely evening out which ended with skinny dipping at 4 am (well, not really skinny.. but anyway).. 7 am we were finally home and slept like two kids!!
Hope you all had a lovely saturday!

Lots of Love
Josefine xx

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