söndag 15 juli 2012

Louis Vuitton and YSL.

So, I have a rule. The things I'm not using I'm going to sell or throw away. But these things are to precious (and expencive) to just throw away. So therefor I'm selling it.
So first out is my Louis Vuitton Speedy that I bought at the Louis Vuitton boutique here in Stockholm, like 3 years ago. It is USED (of course) but in really good condition I think. And one thing that is really good with this bag is, if you spill any liquid on it, you can just wipe it of with a wet cloth. The only thing you have to be careful with is sharp items such as knifes, cause that would damage the bag immediately. Anyway, I bought the bag for about 5700 swedish crowns. (525£, and 665 euro).. So I want to have 2500 swedish crowns for it.

Then, my gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent tribtoo pumps (EU size 37,5).. The shoes are big 'cause I have size 38/39 usually. These are my dream shoes, I bought them in London (Old bond street) in 2011, they were a christmas present for myself. I promise you, I was the happiest girl in the world when I bought them. I had been saving up to them for a couple of months. BUT, as all high heels I own (almost) they're just standing there. And for these cuties to just stand there, is not fair! They're to pretty for that. So I thought, there's probably another girl (or man) that would take care of them better than I do. These cost like 5600 swedish crowns, almost the same prise as the bag. But as I've only used them 3 times or so, I want 3000 swedish crowns for them.

I can't find the receipt for either the shoes or the bag, but I ensure you that it's real stuff and no copies. If you are unsure you can just walk in to any YSL or Louis Vuitton shop and look it up.

If you are interested in either the bag or the shoes send an email to: ritzyladies@live.com or drop a comment here at the blog, but don't forget to attach your email!

It is with sadness I'm writing this post, but I really have to sell theese things now. As they're just here collecting dust. And I need to save all money I can get for more England trips to visit the cute bloke :) So if you belive in love stories, please help a lady out ;) hehe..

Lots of Love
Josefine xxx

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