fredag 6 juli 2012

Photo bomb, June

This is what I've been doing last month :) and what I am doing right now when the blog is empty too, kind of.

 Lina and I went to the countryside to work for a few days!
 Went to the beach one day, it was really hot outside!
 Evening walk.
oh, and I pierced my nose again! Am I in a identity crisis right now? I'm starting to wonder myself..
 We went to Kolmården's Zoo too!
 I <3 Camels
Me and my Betty Grable updo!
 On the tube.
 Foolin' around
 mmmm, sex on the beach :D
 The love of my life!
 Bought some new underwear!
 haha! hanging with dad and his friends on midsummer. This is Lars and Tom. LOL.
 Went to Gröna Lund to see Dropkick Murphys!!
They were awesome! Of course.
 It's okay to be not that 'vintage' when you're at the countryside. This is me playing cool. Hillbilly style? haha
 Had mum and her friend over for pancake dinner!
 Went to the doctor :/
Food orgasm!

Lots of Love
Josefine xxx

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